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Impact Environmental Group (IEG) provides products and services to the global waste and recycling industry.

Rockwood’s Role

  • Recruited a talented management team, including a CEO, CFO, COO, and VP of Marketing as well as key managers in sales, IT, marketing, & accounting
  • Developed a value-added advisory board with significant industry and domain expertise
  • Re-focused the Company to serve the wear parts needs of its highly attractive core waste & recycling customers
  • Rebranded to Impact Environmental Group (“IEG”)
  • Sourced and closed 8 add-on acquisitions in various product and service categories as well as new geographies to better service customers, expand the product / service portfolio, and grow the TAM
  • Invested in Marketing and IT to scale the business including implementing a CRM, business intelligence tools, and an e-commerce  platform
  • Invested in production equipment to improve efficiency and better manage costs including robotic automation, plastic extrusion lines, and metal fabrication equipment
Elgin, Illinois
Other Locations
New Jersey
North Carolina
United Kingdom
March 2018

Rockwood acquired Impact Plastics from its retiring founder. At the time of acquisition the Company was a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic products including dumpster lids as well as a distributor of certain parts for waste containers. In April 2023, Rockwood sold the business to a private equity firm.

Add-ons Completed


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