The Rockwood River Guide® Network (“River Guides”) consists of a select group of seasoned executives who know the intricacies of an industry in ways that most will never know.  We look to our River Guides to assist us and our management partners in identifying pathways to exponential growth.  Each Rockwood River Guide® brings decades of operating experience to Rockwood and works hand in hand with us in a constructive advisory role. We value our River Guides, not only for the experience and insight that each member brings, but also for the shared commitment to embodying Rockwood’s core values.

A Rockwood River Guide® may work with us in a number of ways. River Guides may assist Rockwood in assessing specific aspects of an opportunity, participate in management presentations and facility tours, attend industry conferences alongside Rockwood professionals, provide specific insights related to a challenge or opportunity at a portfolio company, or refer business owners and managers who could benefit from having Rockwood as an investment partner. Several of our platform investments and add-ons have resulted from introductions or insight provided by our Rockwood River Guide® Network.

We view our Rockwood River Guide® relationship as a two-way partnership. Following acquisition, many of our River Guides remain partners with Rockwood and serve as managers, board members and/or co-investors in our companies.  River Guides also may benefit from participation in our annual Leadership Summit and introductions to others within our network.

If you are interested in learning more about our Rockwood River Guide® network, please contact us.