Based in Calgary, Alberta, Global manufacturers thermoelectric generators and heaters for remote oil & gas and military applications.


In December 2004, Rockwood partnered with in-place senior management on the corporate carve-out of Global, an operating division of a U.S.-based public company.

In April 2014, Global was sold to Gentherm Incorporated (NASDAQ: THRM).

Rockwood’s Role

  • Realigned remote power strategy from a product orientation to a systems orientation to meet the changing performance and installation requirements of the growing international customer base
  • Made significant investments in engineering, research and development, facilities, manufacturing capabilities and working capital require to support the new systems strategy
  • Executed a phased replacement of the existing senior management team over time, adding professional managers capable of executing the company’s systems strategy and developing new international market opportunities
  • Successfully managed through a significant increase in the company’s primarily Canadian Dollar-based cost structure resulting from a 20%+ appreciation of the Canadian Dollar vs. the U.S. Dollar during Rockwood’s ownership