We are thrilled to announce that Rockwood Equity Partners has been recognized on Axial’s Top 50 Lower Middle Market Industrial Private Equity Investors & M&A Advisors* list. This significant recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to lower middle market businesses.

Thank you to Axial for recognizing us and for being an important partner and resource.  We are excited about the future and eager to continue our journey of growth, innovation, and success with Axial.

Rockwood Equity Partners has long maintained a focus on the industrial sector, a commitment that has defined our organization from its inception. With offices in Cleveland, Denver, and New York, we are uniquely positioned to drive transformative investments in industrial companies across North America.

At the heart of our approach lies our time-tested resources, including our Rockwood Growth System and our invaluable Rockwood River Guide network. These assets are designed to not only fuel growth but to nurture and cultivate the potential of lower middle market industrial companies.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Rockwood Equity Partners and please do not hesitiate to reach out with any industrial opportunities that meet our investment criteria. Thank you again to Axial for supporting us in our shared mission to serve the lower middle market.

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*Rockwood did not pay a fee as part of the selection process. 


Axial’s Top 50 industrial list was generated based on a weighted formula leveraging private transaction data from the Axial platform. Metrics in the formula include the number of industrial deals brought to market via Axial (sell-side), how much interest those deals generated from Axial’s buy-side member base (sell-side), the number of specific industrial-focused investment mandates created in the platform (buy-side), and the number of industrial deals that progressed through the deal funnel achieving an executed LOI or successfully consummated transaction (buy- & sell-side).

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