(Feb. 12, 2008) – Rockwood Equity Partners , LLC (“Rockwood”) has served as lead investor for search fund Johns Creek Partners (“JCP”) in its partnership with Medical Positioning, Inc. (“MPI” or the “Company”), a leading medical device manufacturer of patented specialty surfaces. The transaction will provide additional capital and management resources to support MPI’s growth initiatives. As part of the partnership, Ruben Salinas, an operator with significant medical products experience and principal of JCP, will join MPI’s senior management team.

Located in Kansas City, Mo., MPI manufactures and sells patented specialty surfaces designed to improve diagnostic imaging and patient outcomes in cardiology, radiology and mammography. The company’s products enable hospitals and physicians to significantly improve the quality of the images they obtain from their ultrasound and x-ray equipment. Additionally, MPI’s products help reduce repetitive strain injuries, which can be costly and can seriously impair the health and productivity of imaging technicians.

“We are excited to partner with the senior management at MPI and Ruben Salinas,” said H. Josef Merrill of Rockwood. “Under the leadership of Martin Smoler, MPI has become a leading manufacturer of diagnostic imaging surfaces in the US. Given health and demographic trends in this country, we believe the business is particularly well-positioned for sustained growth. The partnership between MPI and Ruben Salinas of JCP is a synergistic relationship that will assist in further building MPI’s product and service offering to benefit all of the Company’s customers.”