Rockwood understands the vital role that intermediaries play in our success, and we value our relationships with the bankers, brokers, attorneys, accountants, independent sponsors and other service providers we have worked with since 1999. Time is a critical resource during a transaction. If you share a deal with Rockwood, we promise to give you prompt feedback. If we work on a transaction together, you have our commitment to work quickly and efficiently to closing, with full transparency throughout the process.

Intermediaries can direct referrals to Kate Faust, Partner-Business Development at (216) 278-7070 or

Investment Criteria

Target Company Size

  • $10-$75 million in revenue
  • $2-$7 million of EBITDA
  • Add-ons of any size

Transaction Types

  • Buyouts
  • Recapitalizations
  • Partnership investments

Ownership Position
Prefer control, but will consider partnership positions


  • Platforms – headquartered in North America
  • Add-ons – any location


  • Corporate carve-outs or divestitures
  • Family/entrepreneur-owned
  • Succession planning partnerships

Business Models

  • Niche engineered component manufacturers
  • Service-heavy, value-added industrial distributors
  • Industrial service providers

Sector Preferences

  • Regulated Industries
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Specialized B2B
Investment Focus /Industry Expertise Fact Sheets

Rockwood invests both in divisions of larger companies that no longer fit the strategic directions of their parent companies and in privately-owned companies needing succession plans. We particularly understand specialized industrial companies, including engineered component manufacturers and value-added distributors that have leading shares in their respective niche markets.

Our specialized investment expertise includes:

If you or your firm focuses on any of these specific areas and would like to receive regular updates from Rockwood, contact us.

Current Add-On Searches
Buy-side Success Fee Policy

Rockwood provides success and referral fees for deal referrals from intermediaries, finders and other sources. We seek to align incentives to outcomes and treat our partners in a fair and ethical manner. We will be prompt with follow-up and transparent in our process after an investment has been identified and an introduction has been made.  The amount and structure of our buy-side arrangements are dependent on several factors, such as the initial information provided for evaluation purposes, the referral source’s level of involvement in the deal or process, and transaction valuation.  To share a buy-side opportunity or request our standard buy-side agreement, please email Kate Faust at