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Now in its third quarter under new ownership, Ibis Tek, Inc. continues to execute against its growth plan, having recently been awarded a series of significant contracts.

The defense company, which provides military and commercial protection products worldwide, has been awarded an additional $18 million extension for delivery of defense products to the U.S. Army.  In addition, a number of state and national orders were recently awarded for Ibis Tek’s proprietary personnel protection ballistic barriers. Those contracts include the state National Guards of Texas, Delaware and West Virginia, as well as the USDA. The City of Pittsburgh also  has awarded a contract to Ibis Tek for mobile barriers for a new police station.

In additional to specializing in transparent and opaque armor solutions for military vehicles and commercial workspace, Ibis Tek offers a wide range of complementary products. Those include lighting, vehicle bumpers, spare tire lift carriers and tow kits, as well as first responder vehicle customization for commercial and military vehicles.

In early 2017, the company was acquired by a group of independent investors, including Rockwood Equity Partners. In the months that followed, the company successfully built out a leadership team of Department of Defense-experienced executives, as well as finalized the formation of a Board of Directors comprised on industry experts, as well as retired U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General Michael Brogan and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Joseph Yakovac.

“Together, the new leadership team and Board of Directors developed an aggressive strategic plan for Ibis Tek, and within less than a year, we are seeing results,” said Vince Nardy, Ibis Tek CEO. “We are honored by these contract awards and look forward to ongoing success.”