Altimate Medical Holdings, Inc. is a patient positioning-focused company established through the combination of Altimate Medical, Inc. (AMI), a manufacturer of standing solutions to support therapy for adults & children with disabilities; and Medical Positioning, Inc. (MPI), a manufacturer of medical beds, tables and chairs used in diagnostic imaging procedures.


Rockwood acquired MPI in 2008 and in 2014, carved out AMI from Invacare Corporation in partnership with senior management. In 2015, the two patient positioning-focused businesses were merged to create Altimate Medical Holdings, Inc.

Rockwood’s Role

  • Stood up finance & accounting function and streamlined manufacturing flow
  • Added key Lead Director, VP of Finance and General Manager (MPI)
  • Supported multiple new product introductions (including a Letter of Medical Necessity app)
  • Diversified product portfolio to expand market reach into pediatric product segment
  • Completed and integrated acquisition of MPI, with an additional tuck-in acquisition lined up


  • Grew revenue 58.8% from $17.1 million to $27.2 million and EBITDA 47.5% from $5.0 million to $7.3 million between LTM September 2014 & LTM September 2017
  • In November 2017, Rockwood sold the business to Granite Equity Partners, a Minnesota-based private-equity firm and an existing minority investor in AMHI, generating a return of more than 4x its initial investment